DIY Entryway Table

Here it goes! My first post. To begin, I’ve decided to start in the middle. Jess and I have spent the past few weeks building an entryway table. The process started with incessant searching on Pinterest for tables that matched our style and our budget. We narrowed it down to a few then settled on a table posted by RogueEngineer.com. http://rogueengineer.com/diy-x-brace-console-table-plans/


If I could give you any advice, it is that a miter saw is not just a suggestion, you really need it for this project (much to Jess’ excitement since she’s been asking for one for months). We were able to purchase a used saw and it is nothing short of fantastic. It even has a laser. So cool. Building the table, the x’s were difficult since we modified the plans to make a shorter table. Figuring out the angles was a challenge (Jess even pulled out the Pythagorean Theorem) but we were able to get it figured out. You will be tempted to leave the table like this:


Looks OK right? But I promise the X’s are worth it. So go ahead, take the top back off we still have work to do! For the X’s, we secured them using pocket holes to the middle support and to the bottom center support. At the top on the outer right and left edges, we secured them by putting two small blocks on either side of the “X” piece to keep it from wobbling. It was easy and worked great to make it a solid table.


Here’s Jess! Doesn’t she look thrilled? Where you see her hands is about where the two blocks were placed on either side of the X to keep it secure.

So, as you may have gathered by now, Jess took care of most of the “building” of the table. Cutting the pieces, drilling the pocket holes, assembly. In our duo, I am more of the “details” person. The go-to perfectionist. I help troubleshoot assembly issues, I do the sanding, and I take care of the staining/waxing/and sealing. So what did I use? Here’s where it gets fun! (In my mind…) After LOTS of sanding (get an electric sander!) everything was ready to stain (be sure to wipe everything down to get rid of any dust, you don’t want that getting caught up in your finish). I used Minwax Wood Finish Penetrating Stain in Espresso (love it, use it for many of our projects). When staining, you’ll need gloves and I typically just use an old rag to apply. You can apply heavily or use it more sparingly depending on your desired result. For me, I had to consider that I was also planning to add an antiquing wax. After you let the stain dry, you can add your antiquing wax. I used Valspar Antiquing Wax (it is typically for chalky finish projects, but I really like it and have used it on stained projects and it still gives it that extra something). The wax really needs at least a day to dry completely (it gets tacky). After that, being the crazy person I am (and knowing that my wife leaves cups with condensation on all surfaces) I finished it off with Minwax Polycrylic protective finish. I seriously need to buy this stuff by the gallon. Love it. For your projects where you aren’t using a dark stain but rather a light color (look forward to that in a future blog!) it says it goes on clear AND IT REALLY DOES! That may not sound amazing, but believe me- many products falsely make that claim and I have yellow tinted furniture to prove it.


After lots of drying time and a little Vitamin D, she was done!


And here she is all dressed up:


Well, there you go! First blog post- Done!

Good luck, and make good choices,




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