DIY: Large Floating Shelf for Under $25

Hello and Happy July!

Today I’m giving you the first peek into our living room. It took 3 months and a lot of pinterest stalking to settle on an idea about what we wanted to hang on the living room walls. Something about a new home and new walls made it really difficult to make a decision- I think because we know we’ll live here a lot longer than any of our prior rental homes.

Our living room has one large wall and our sectional couch sits against that wall. We knew we needed something large here. I have done a gallery wall behind the couch in the past but wanted something a little different this time. We decided to make a really long shelf so we could put whatever we wanted on it and have the ability to change it out for different seasons or when we got tired of our current décor.

Off to Lowes we went. We decided the shelf needed to be able 8 foot long, so all of the materials below reflect a shelf of that size.

What you’ll need:

  • One 8″ 2×4
  • One 8″ 2×6
  • One 10″ piece of trim (there is so much to choose from in the trim/molding aisle)
  • White paint (I used Valspar Chalky Finish Paint)
  • Paint brush
  • Power Drill
  • Nail gun (for the easiest way to affix the trim to the shelving unit)
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • 2″ Wood screws
  • Miter saw (if you follow this style exactly. We did angled cuts to trim out our shelf)

We picked up our supplies and decided to paint all of the pieces before starting.

File Jul 01, 10 07 24 AM

After allowing the wood to dry, we began the assembly process. First, Jess pre-drilled holes in the 2×4 where we’d drill wood screws in to connect it to the 2×6.

File Jul 01, 10 06 49 AM

We wanted to have the full width of the 2×6 for our shelf because I knew I wanted to put candle holders, pitchers, etc. and I would need at least 5 inches. After putting these pieces together we were ready to work on the trim. We cut the trim at a 45° angle at both ends for the piece we used for the front of the shelf. The side pieces were also cut at 45° angles on each end.

To attach the trim to the shelf, we used a finishing nail gun with 1 1/2″ finishing nails.

File Jul 01, 10 07 07 AM

Sometimes you mess up- here, the nail wasn’t placed in the correct spot so we used the dremmel to cut off the excess and applied a little spackling. Good as new!

After assembling the shelf, we touched it up here and here and painted over the finishing nails. We were then ready to hang the shelf. To hang the shelf, you’ll need a stud finder, a level, and wood screws. We also added some drywall screws for extra support. Get your shelf where you want it on the wall, mark your studs, place your level on top of the shelf, and start drilling!

File Jul 01, 12 02 42 PM

I think this is the first picture on the blog where I am actually doing something! I promise I help with these projects, but someone has to take the pictures!

Once the shelf was hung, it was time to play around with what we put on the shelf which is always the hardest part. I’m sure I’ll change it around a thousand times, but for now I’m happy.

File Jul 01, 5 58 55 PM.jpeg

We used a lot of things we had around the house, picked up a few new things, and then the little sheep was given to me by an awesome coworker and we named him Herman Woolville. We name everything. It’s sort of weird, but we own it.

For less than $25 and minimal effort, I think the shelf added a lot to this space and will give us the ability to change things out as we find new, fun things for the house.

File Jul 01, 5 59 19 PM

If you liked my post, feel free to share! I’d also love to hear about other ideas for decorating the shelf or see photos of things you’ve seen on pinterest or done in your own home (especially some seasonal ideas!!) Thanks for reading and make good choices!



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