North Carolina Finds

Triad Treasure Hunt


I don’t have a DIY project to showcase for you today (although we have started the process of working on our bedroom! But so far I’ve made two throw pillows, and two throw pillows does not a blog make.)

This weekend I headed west to the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina to do a little pickin’ as my stepmom likes to call it and apparently a whole lot of other people i.e. the TV show American Pickers. I love the Triad and it was nice to be back after living there for 3 years during law school. I literally hit the jackpot this weekend, and wanted to share some of my finds with you all.

First up, I picked up my mom in the bustling city of Burlington. From there, we headed west to Thomasville to visit Chartreuse. I started following these guys on Facebook about a year ago. They hold a barn sale one weekend a month and this is the first time I was able to make the trip. Behold! Chartreuse!

File Jul 10, 5 49 48 PM

It was definitely worth the trip! Look how exciting it looks, even on the outside! I actually had to come back outside to look at everything out front after going through the two barns because in my excitement I rushed right inside.

There are different stalls throughout the barns with different vendors and prices on items really varied depending on who was selling. If you’re looking for vintage windows for crafts, this is definitely the place to go! I looked for weeks when I used one for our wedding a few years back. I really wished I had purchased the kitchen canisters pictured above. My mom said my grandma had these same canisters growing up and they were really reasonably priced. Next time I guess! I got a lot of good ideas for things we can make ourselves for the house and items to look for in thrift stores and flea markets.

After Chartreuse, I was feeling inspired so we headed to Haw River to visit the Hospice Flea Market. The flea market is located in what used to be a large grocery store. This place has everything (well, except clothes). Furniture, dishes, artwork, home decor, toys, you name it they probably have it and the price is right! I lucked out this trip, they were celebrating Christmas in July and I got a buggy full of christmas decor for $27. Truly unbelievable! Here is some of my haul:

File Jul 10, 5 48 52 PM

Our last stop of the day- and I have to apologize because I really failed to take good pics after Chartreuse (I planned to only blog about our visit there) was Consignment Connection in Burlington, NC. I cannot say enough about this place. It was huge and the prices were great. They had some really beautiful furniture and decor and I will be stopping in every time I’m passing through from now on. It is right off highway 40 so if you’re headed from Greensboro to Raleigh or vice-versa, you have to stop! I picked up a throw pillow and a few tall candleholders for the dining room this trip.

I had a great time looking for treasure in the Triad this weekend! It was a nice break from projects and DIY and a great way to spend a day with my mom.

Hope you all enjoy your week and make good choices!



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