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DIY: Industrial Shelving for the Home


It’s been awhile! I started a new job so the projects halted a bit while I got settled in. Today’s post is another DIY project, this time compliments of Jess. My birthday is in one week (Yay!) so she made these shelves for me as a surprise. I’ve been wanting to add shelving to our dining room since the moment we finished up our farmhouse table and sideboard (see DIY: Distressing a Farmhouse Table and Chairs and Repurposing Old Furniture: Our Quest for a Sideboard) and I think these really give the room a finished look. It doesn’t hurt that this wall is also the first thing you see when you walk in our front door. Jess for the win! Best birthday gift ever.


To make your industrial shelves, you’ll need the following materials which can be found at your local hardware store:

First, Jess painted the Iron pieces that would make up the wall mount. This step is optional, we wanted it to match the metal on our chandelier as well as the metal accents on our entryway table (see DIY Entryway Table).

Jess then cut the shelves to the desired length and sanded them. We made our shelves 32″ each. After sanding, she applied the stain. Make sure you wipe down your board after sanding prior to applying the stain. Apply stain wearing gloves with a cloth. After applying stain, let it dry and apply your preferred seal. We used Valspar Antiquing Wax.

Once these steps are complete, put your iron pieces together. Screw one end of the iron nipple into the cap, add one pipe strap and screw in the floor flange to the opposite end. Use a stud finder to find the studs in your wall and try to screw into studs if possible. If not, use a screw & anchor in one. When hanging the mounts, be sure to use a level.


After your mounts are hung, place wood pieces on, and secure the shelf to the mounts using the 1/2″ pipe straps and small wood screws (length will depend on whether you selected a 1″ or 2″ thick board.)

Once the boards are secured, decorate as desired! Easy peasy. Here is ours- I grabbed some items from around the house and really enjoy the way it turned out!


Thanks for reading, and as always, make good choices!


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