DIY Corner Blanket Ladder for $12!

After taking down Christmas decorations I really felt like parts of my living room looked like a blank slate. We also have no fewer than 10 blankets always scattered around the house for ourselves and our pups- in fact we received 3 more for Christmas. To solve my drab living room and blanket storage issues, Jess suggested we made a Blanket Ladder. We’ve seen them on shows like Fixer Upper (our favorite) an they can been made to suit our farmhouse décor. This was a quick project and we were able to purchase all materials for $12.

To begin, we went to our local Home Depot and picked up supplies.

What you will need:

  • 3 1×2 6ft Pine Boards
  • 10 5/16″ Hex Nuts
  • 10 5/16 x 2 Hex Bolts
  • Stain (if desired)
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill

We used two of the 6ft pine boards as the sides of our ladder. Because we needed this piece for a corner, the base is wider than the top of the ladder. We were able to fit the ladder to our corner by placing the two side pieces where we wanted them and measuring out where to place the rungs.

I put the bolts together in order to spray paint them a darker color. We used a miter saw to cut the proper lengths for the rungs. We used 14 1/2″, 16 1/2″, 18 1/2″ and 20 1/2″ for our lengths. Most home improvement stores will cut those lengths for you if you do not have a saw.

After spraying the bolts, we laid out our wooden pieces and arranged them how we wanted the ladder to appear. Jess then marked the ladder where the pieces should be placed. At that point she began drilling holes through both pieces. After all those holes were drilled I sanded down the rungs and stained all the piece using a mixture of Espresso and Classic Gray stain.

Once the stain dried, we attached the bolts to the rungs and ladder to complete the project.

This was an easy and inexpensive project that had a big impact in our living room.

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