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DIY Cabinet for Trash/Recycling

Well, we made it through another Monday!

I have seriously delayed posting our most recent project. This project was probably our most difficult/trying project yet.  After many weekends of working a few hours here and there, we finally worked out all of the kinks and we were really happy with the result. For that reason, I decided I had to share with you all. Behold: the most amazing trashcan I’ve ever owned.

Prior to building this cabinet, our recycling was in a bin in our pantry and our trash was in an ugly plastic trashcan beside the island in our kitchen. We had a stainless steel trashcan for years but hated how dirty it would get so we knew we wanted to build something. After looking at Pinterest, Jess saw a few ideas she liked and we began to draw up our plans. The fun part about drawing up your own plans is that, for us at least, it never works out exactly to plan. But we worked around any issues and built, what I think, is our best piece yet.

The key here was choosing the size trash bins we wanted and then building around those bins. I’m sad to say that most of my delay in posting this project was due to the fact that I didn’t want to post exact measurements since we made so many tweaks in the process. I’ve decided not to post a materials/measurements list but just to show off the general idea and final product. If you have specific questions, I’m glad to answer!



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