Master Bathroom Makeover Part I

Today we officially finished the main focal point of our master bathroom makeover. To tie the bathroom in with our master bedroom, we decided to add another shiplap accent wall. For more in-depth instructions on installing a shiplap wall, visit my previous post Easy DIY Shiplap Tutorial.


To begin, we painted the bathroom with Sherwin Williams Dovetail. It is a slightly darker grey than what we used in the master bedroom and it really makes the white shiplap wall and trim in the bathroom pop. After installing the shiplap wall, I made a greenery wreath since I had difficulty finding what I was looking for in stores.


To add a little flair, we built a REALLY EASY shelf for above the tub using stair rail hardware and 2×6 board. After cutting the board to size, sanding and staining it was ready to assemble. This was our easiest project by far. The stair rail brackets can be purchased at your local hardware store for around $6 each. We purchased this bracket from Lowes.


I decorated the shelf with a small toiletries caddy and the mini steeple lantern, available for sale at The Neighborhood Collection.



I really love how the master bath is coming together so far, and it was a pretty inexpensive way to make a dramatic change in the space. Thanks for checking in with me, and as always, make good choices!!



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