Master Bedroom: Final Doggone Details

Happy Saturday!

I’ve shared photos of our master bedroom progress on the blog before (see Easy DIY Shiplap Tutorial) but we still needed some photos for frames we purchased and something to hang above our tall dresser. When it comes to hanging things on my somewhat brand new walls, I like to take my time until the right thing or idea comes along. The ideas have been flowing since I bought my Cricut Explore Air 2. Jess wanted me to make her a hound dog decal for her truck and it was at that point that I started to look up dog silhouettes that matched all of our dogs. I decided they would look cute painted on wooden squares but I couldn’t have imagined how much I would love the end product.

The idea also inspired me to hold a little photo shoot with my pups this morning so I could finally have photos printed for frames we hung a few months ago.

Enjoy these photos of our sweet puppies!

Have a great rest of the weekend.



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