Logan’s Nursery: Little Explorer

Hi everyone!

We are finally done with the nursery (minus a few finishing touches) and thought we’d share this little journey with you all. For Logan’s nursery, we knew we wanted to do something a little different than everything we were seeing in the stores. After lots of searching pinterest and looking at different ideas, we decided we’d pull our inspiration from Amelia Earhart. Strong female role models for the win! The nursery evolved from a strictly Amelia focus to a room fit for a little explorer and we really love how bright and cheerful it is. At 7.5 months pregnant its my favorite place to go and sit while we wait for Baby Logan to make her grand entrance.

The first thing we needed to decide was were to put the nursery. We use our guest room frequently and Jess uses our third bedroom for her Etsy shop. When we bought our house, it was still being built. We had an optional fourth bedroom that we kept as an open space upstairs. We decided to try our hand at closing off that room.

The loft before (aka Jess’ lady den):


We rarely used this space, but we did like having it open because it let a lot of light into our upstairs. We decided to do a wide opening to allow for double doors on the nursery. With lots of work and lots of phone calls with her dad, Jess got the frame and drywall up. I helped with the mudding/sanding and painting. I was skeptical but everything went up without incident and looks great!

Jess found some narrow antique french doors and we got to work restoring and painting those white for her room.

After painting the doors, it was time to settle on a paint color (see some options behind me in the picture above). We settled on a sky blue to keep the room bright and airy.

After the paint was done, it was time to assemble her nursery furniture. As you can see, I’m not very far along in these photos. I was a little bit crazy about getting started on the nursery- I couldn’t wait for it to be ready!


Jess hung the french doors with barn door hardware. We still have yet to find the perfect handles for the doors, but overall I love the way they look and that we still get lots of light in our upstairs hallway.

Without further ado- here is a peek into Logan’s sweet nursery!


We LOVE our diaper pail, you can even use your own bags rather than purchasing inserts. Buy it on Amazon: Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail.


Here are some sweet Amelia accents throughout compliments of  Logan’s Pappy (including Amelia Earhart barbie):

We love this room and this little lady so much already! Thanks for checking in, and as always, make good choices!




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