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Logan is here! What I’m up to now…

I’m excited to announce that Logan made her grand entrance on July 3, 2018. The past 5 weeks have been a whirlwind as we get settled into a routine and get to know one another.

Isn’t she the sweetest?! Already taking mommy’s jewelry.

Throughout this process- trying to get pregnant, the pregnancy, her birth and now her first month of life- I’ve learned so much. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that there is A LOT that no one talks about! I’ve decided to blog about our experience and keep it real about the ups and downs as well as the simple things that I’ve discovered as we go along. The focus of the next series of blogs will be called “What No One Tells You…” and I hope that you’ll learn a lot, and maybe laugh a lot, at our little journey.

Looking forward to sharing our story with you!



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