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What No One Tells You: The Second Trimester

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I was on a roll with my posts, then mommyhood crept in and the realization that I only had a few sweet weeks left at home with my nugget. Then enters Hurricane Florence- between obsessive weather checking and a week of house guests escaping the storm things got busy!

Anyway. I’m back!

Logan is 14 weeks old today. I thought I’d be one of those “No! My baby is growing up too fast” mommies for sure, but I am absolutely loving each new stage with her. Every cliché possible applies here- I love seeing the world through her eyes, my baby is the best, cutest baby ever, etc.

I started back to work a few weeks ago and we are finally settling into a routine. I’ve had some time to think about my second and third trimester, and I’m ready to share more about what no one tells you!

The Second Trimester

Everyone talks about how the second trimester is the greatest trimester, and they are pretty much right on point. In the second trimester, my energy returned, I stopped puking, I felt less worry about my kiddo, and we found out we were having a little girl which meant one thing: time to decorate! (see Logan’s Nursery: Little Explorer for pics of her Amelia Earhart inspired room) As I think back on the second trimester, there is really only one thing that sticks out to me. What I didn’t expect was that the second trimester would thrust me completely into the new mommy-sphere. I thought that sure, when I was waddling around 30+ weeks pregnant strangers would pop out from behind corners to feel my belly but I didn’t anticipate that as early as 20 weeks I’d be engaged in lots of mom convos (spoiler alert: no one touched this mama’s belly without consent in my third trimester!) I’m not generally a chatty Cathy to strangers- I leave that to my wife- but spontaneous conversations were happening in every check-out line and bathroom line (yes, there was a lot of peeing going on at that point) and I found myself really enjoying this new world that was opening up to me. The second trimester was really the first time I started feeling the confidence and connectedness that comes with being a mom and I was loving every second! Embrace this time, it is fleeting, and unfortunately my third trimester was not so uneventful.

Bonus Advice to Second Trimester Moms-to-Be: if you like movies, go to as many as you can! I found that I was really uncomfortable sitting through movies- even in the fancy recliner theaters- by the time I was really big and pregnant in the third trimester and now that Logan is here we don’t get too many date nights.

Next up: I’ll share my eventful third trimester story. Also! I’d love to hear from you if there were aspects of your 2nd trimester that were particularly surprising or noteworthy.



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