Master Bedroom: Final Doggone Details

Happy Saturday! I’ve shared photos of our master bedroom progress on the blog before (see Easy DIY Shiplap Tutorial) but we still needed some photos for frames we purchased and something to hang above our tall dresser. When it comes to hanging things on my somewhat brand new walls, I like to take my time until…… Continue reading Master Bedroom: Final Doggone Details


Master Bathroom Makeover Part I

Today we officially finished the main focal point of our master bathroom makeover. To tie the bathroom in with our master bedroom, we decided to add another shiplap accent wall. For more in-depth instructions on installing a shiplap wall, visit my previous post Easy DIY Shiplap Tutorial. To begin, we painted the bathroom with Sherwin Williams…… Continue reading Master Bathroom Makeover Part I

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DIY Cabinet for Trash/Recycling

Well, we made it through another Monday! I have seriously delayed posting our most recent project. This project was probably our most difficult/trying project yet.  After many weekends of working a few hours here and there, we finally worked out all of the kinks and we were really happy with the result. For that reason,…… Continue reading DIY Cabinet for Trash/Recycling


Decorating with a 3-Tier Galvanized Tray: Easter

Happy Sunday!  As I started planning my Christmas decor, I kept seeing a 3-tiered galvanized tray on Pinterest. I thought it would go really well with our farmhouse decor.  Decorating a new house for the seasons can become a bit pricey, especially if you’re decorating a larger space, so I held off on purchasing the…… Continue reading Decorating with a 3-Tier Galvanized Tray: Easter