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DIY Cabinet for Trash/Recycling

Well, we made it through another Monday! I have seriously delayed posting our most recent project. This project was probably our most difficult/trying project yet.  After many weekends of working a few hours here and there, we finally worked out all of the kinks and we were really happy with the result. For that reason,…… Continue reading DIY Cabinet for Trash/Recycling


Decorating with a 3-Tier Galvanized Tray: Easter

Happy Sunday!  As I started planning my Christmas decor, I kept seeing a 3-tiered galvanized tray on Pinterest. I thought it would go really well with our farmhouse decor.  Decorating a new house for the seasons can become a bit pricey, especially if you’re decorating a larger space, so I held off on purchasing the…… Continue reading Decorating with a 3-Tier Galvanized Tray: Easter