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DIY Cabinet for Trash/Recycling

Well, we made it through another Monday! I have seriously delayed posting our most recent project. This project was probably our most difficult/trying project yet.  After many weekends of working a few hours here and there, we finally worked out all of the kinks and we were really happy with the result. For that reason,…… Continue reading DIY Cabinet for Trash/Recycling


DIY Corner Blanket Ladder for $12!

After taking down Christmas decorations I really felt like parts of my living room looked like a blank slate. We also have no fewer than 10 blankets always scattered around the house for ourselves and our pups- in fact we received 3 more for Christmas. To solve my drab living room and blanket storage issues,…… Continue reading DIY Corner Blanket Ladder for $12!

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DIY: Industrial Shelving for the Home

Hello! It’s been awhile! I started a new job so the projects halted a bit while I got settled in. Today’s post is another DIY project, this time compliments of Jess. My birthday is in one week (Yay!) so she made these shelves for me as a surprise. I’ve been wanting to add shelving to our dining room…… Continue reading DIY: Industrial Shelving for the Home